Ƶworks closely with a dynamic network of agents to recruit qualified students. We provide promotional materials, training sessions, campus tours and other resources to support our agents in their recruitment effort. We also ensure our agents receive important updates so they may provide accurate information when advising prospective students.


Counsellor's Guide


Help Students Apply to VCC


Agent Support


Important Reminders

  • Many high demand programs fill quickly. Check if the programs accept before applying.
  • Promotional materials such as brochures, photos, videos and flyers are available for download and distribution for VCC's appointed agents.
  • Only Ƶappointed agents with valid agent agreements and good standing status may represent Ƶand receive commissions for successful student referrals. Non-Ƶagents may refer to the Prospective Agents page for updates.
  • Ƶappointed agents receive regular updates through Ƶagent newsletters that include updates and reminder information of ƵƵ programs and availability. 
  • Students applying on their own are not considered student referrals.
  • Change of agency for commission purposes is not permitted.