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Student Conduct

We provide a safe and respectful learning and working environment in which the rights, responsibilities, and dignity of all are respected.

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What we do

The Student Conduct Office supports students to act in a manner that respects others and promotes their well-being and safety. Poor conduct, harassment, bullying, discrimination, and sexual violence and misconduct will not be tolerated. We review, investigate, and support students who bring forward a concern.

Code of conduct

Ƶexpects students to conduct themselves responsibly and respectfully. Please review the Student Conduct policy and procedures of D.4.3 Student Non-Academic Conduct to learn about your rights and responsibilities. The purpose of this policy is to establish standards of non-educational student conduct.

Policies and procedures

D.4.3 Student Non-Academic Conduct

Policy D.4.5 Academic Integrity

Policy A.3.1 Prevention of Harassment, Discrimination, and Bullying

Policy A.3.10 Sexual Violence and Misconduct


Office of Student Conduct

Dave Stevenson
604-871-7000, ext. 7321
Broadway campus
Building A, room 4017A

Office of Safety and Security

Caralee Maloney

Campus Security

Broadway security: 778.783.5022
Downtown security: 604.443.8361